(lecture material can also be found on my github pages: hydro-informatics.github.io )


  • Python Programming for Water Resources Research and Engineering (since 2020 at University of Stuttgart)
  • Integrated flood protection (since 2020 at University of Stuttgart)
  • Geospatial Python programming (2018 at  University of California, Davis)
  • Eco-morphology & river hydraulics (since 2020: integrated in lecture at the University of Stuttgat, 2014-2015: assistant to Prof.  A. J. Schleiss, LCH, EPFL)
  • Hydraulic Engineering (2014-2016: assistant to Prof.  A. J. Schleiss, LCH, EPFL)


Although the information on regular study projects and topics for Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses cannot be published here for reasons of confidentiality, there are always new projects waiting to be studied. The current opportunities are:


  • Establishment of a plant data base for river restoration
  • 2D hydro-morphodynamic modelling of a reservoir in Albania



Are you interested in one of the proposed topics or do you have a subject that you want to study within a Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis?

Do not hesitate to message or email me.