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Analysis of mechanical-hydraulic deposition control measures

Data and codes

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Folder and file summary:

This repository contains data used in “Analysis of mechanical-hydraulic deposition control measures”.

The data stem from laboratory experiments with the setup described in my PhD thesis (Schwindt 2017). Data processing was done with Python (see pydroscape) and Matlab / Octave codes.


Suggested citation:

Schwindt, S.; Franca, M. J.; De Cesare, G. & Schleiss, A. J. “Analysis of mechanical-hydraulic deposition control measures”. Geomorphology, 2017, 295, 467-479. doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2017.07.020

LaTex / Bibtex Users:

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Signal processing was done with Python and the pydroscape) package. The data analyses where made with Matlab / Octave (.m) codes, where codes starting with an f[...].m mark files containing functions. All other .m files are algorithms that use these functions. Please note that all codes were originally written in Matlab and processing them with Octave may require adding pkg load io after the clear all; close all; statements in the codes.

Data structure and codes

The RawData/ folder contains the raw data from the ultrasonic probe loggers, pump discharge logger, flow velocity (where applicable), sediment supply/outflow loggers, and constriction geometry. The RawData/ExperimentOverview.xlsx workbook contains overview tables of the conducted experiments.

The ProcessedData/ folder contains data that where extracted from the RawData/ folder. Matlab / Octave (.m) codes in that folder were used for extracting / converting the raw data.

The ProcessedData/000_data_summary/ folder contains Matlab / Octave (.m) codes that created workbooks documenting spillway overflow and orifice clogging / flushing with both control mechanisms (hydraulic and mechanic, summary files are highlighted):

The ProcessedData/001_regression_analysis/ folder contains workbooks and Matlab / Octave (.m) codes for data regression (curves) shown in figures and tables. The workbooks explore multiple regression pairs beyond the ones shown in the paper.

The ProcessedData/002_plots/ folder contains Matlab / Octave (.m) codes for producing the plots (figures) for the paper.