Modelling fluvial landscapes

Rising global temperatures are evidence of the increase in the Earth’s atmospheric energy content, which tends to increase climatic instability and variability. The higher climate fluctuations in turn increase the frequency and extent of extreme weather conditions,  such as droughts and floods (Swain et al. 2018 in Nature Climate Change), resulting in natural disasters and food shortages (e.g., Veldkamp et al. 2017 in Nature Communications). River training and (reverse) water resources engineering are part of the solution to losses in ecosystem abundance, droughts, and floods; alas, at the same time they are part of the problem (Cornwall 2016 in Science).

With River Architect, Greg Pasternack, Kenny Larrieu and I initiated a software platform for analyzing and modelling  fluvial landscapes that accommodate infrastructure and settlements with abundant ecomorphological diversity. More codes are available on GitHub: Find out more.

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